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"This Glasgow-based sextet has only been together for two years, but their debut album is seriously impressive. Majoring in pipes, fiddle and accordion, Eriska's instrumental prowess is clear..."

Alex Monaghan, The Living Tradition


At the Wrong Gig

Aileen Sweeney, accordion & keyboard

Dario Palazzo, guitars

Gavin Paterson, drums & percussion

Julian Pombo, bass

Madeleine Stewart, fiddle

Scott Figgins, pipes & whistles

Christy Scott


Christy Scott, vocals

Madeleine Stewart, fiddle & backing vocals

Aidan Moodie, acoustic guitar & backing vocals 

Davie Dunsmuir, electric guitar

Alice Allen, cello

Charlie Stewart, double bass

Neil Paton, drum kit & percussion

Find more music on Madeleine's SoundCloud and Facebook!



"All five tracks which tackle love and loss are self-penned and, based on the calibre of those she has gathered around her to make this happen, shows someone who genuinely treasures the act of releasing songs into the world."

Folk Radio UK

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